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Hi, I am from Austria. austria_flag.gif (8160 Byte) Nice that you stop by on this site.
If you are interested in Railroad's, you'r right here. Approx. 500 pictures are waiting, tumbnails with 10k max. and if you click at it you get 800x600 format with 120K max. 


Whats New on my page

Railroad Museums
Pictures from Railroad museums that I have visited. (9)

Ceske Velenice new.gif (26402 Byte)
Report from a visit in the Railroad factory

Pictures from Steamtrips and Museum Railroads in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands (18).

My model layout
Pictures from my N layout. The "thierties" 
And here you may found every month a new  picture series from a specific train on my layout.

The way to some other sites of (my) interest.

Webrings to Railroad related sites


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HP0.gif (9920 Byte) Have fun.


(Johann Sturm,info@mytrains.at)

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